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Expertise and Experience

Our expertise makes us rise above competition, spearhead innovations and lead the way providing expert advise on how you can save and be cashflow positive.


We can provide a comprehensive training which will not only help complete the job but also help to improve their knowledge about the schemes and products.

Approved Products

We continue to win our customers’ trust through our approved products under various government schemes.

Continued support

Our support is an end to end process. We will be with you in every step of the way from pre-assessment to post installation.

Credit Facility

We can offer credit facility for all Cyanergy product purchased from us and it can be net offset from the final payment.


We can pay within 5 business days from acceptance of complete paperwork.

Mobile App

We partner with Electrical Contractor Businesses, Energy Service Companies, Energy Consultants and Equipment Suppliers.

Eight steps to be our partner

  • Call Us

  • Agree and Collaboration

  • Training

  • Installation

  • Document Submission

  • Document Acceptance

  • Tax Invoice

  • Payment

We partner with you from end to end. We endeavour to make it easier and fast for you, as our partners, to be rewarded on all your efforts. This is the only way we know how to incentivize business relationships built on expertise and trust.

Cyanergy offers end to end assistance on certificate creation throughout the supply chain