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15KW PV System ORAN PARK, NSW 2570

Job Summary

Energy Savings81% reduction
Payback Period51 Months
Annual Lighting Energy Saving152,447 kWh
First Year Return on Investment24%
Greenhouse Gas Reduction145 tonnes per annum
Total 10 Year Energy Usage Cost Savings$34,472.60


It was a 15KW project for a home obviously made possible because the customer got a three-phase meter and a large roof space. Customer was looking for a solution to more than a thousand dollar a quarter electricity bill.

The Project

Before recommending a solution, we undertook a number of site visits to completely understand the client requirements and ensure we delivered the best possible outcome. The majority of the job involved installing 15 KW system.


Following installation, customer has saved on their energy bill, which equates to over $3,447.26 in savings in the first year and completely paid back within 51 months.

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