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Cyanergy UFO LED High Bay standard series are energy-saving lighting solutions for warehouses, big-box retailers, convention centers, and large indoor spaces. This LED fixtures have an exceptionally long life that emits great lighting and are reliable replacements for fluorescent linear and metal halide fixtures. LED high bays to go up to 60,000 lumens with less power consumption to help save on energy and maintenance costs. Our UFO high bay lights are ideal for product mounting or with a hook and cord in warehouses, arenas, airports and swimming pools too. Switch to Cyanergy UFO High Bays for a more energy efficient lighting as they maintain bright, consistent light output while eliminating maintenance costs for years and save 90% in energy costs.

Key Features

  • Provide better efficiency while saving on costs as it consumes less energy.
  • Emit uniform light, reduce carbon footpoint this increase worker’s productivity.
  • Highly durable lighting fixture including hooks and hangers.
  • Projection distance of about 4-6 meters which is a perfect substitute for metal halide lamps.
  • Withstand any sudden temperature rise or tail caused by the weather as its operating temperature follows the industrial grade standard applications.
  • Beam angle projects light into the desires direction, producted more dispersed lighting and are used for wide services.
  • Made from high quality die cast aluminium, lightweight yet designed to withstand high operating temperatures.
  • Equipped with a dimming feature that allows the total light output to be decreased to a certain percentage.


Power Factor 0.98
CRI 81.2
CCT 6000K
IP Rating IP65
Lifetime 54000 Hours
Warranty 5 Years
Model Beam Angle Watt LCP (W) Lumen (lm) Efficacy (lm/W)
UL-H80W-B 90° 80 80.27 11200 140
UL-H100W-B 90° 100 99.07 14000 140
UL-H120W-B 90° 120 119.11 16800 140
UL-H150W-B 90° 150 147.80 21000 140

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