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Cyanergy LED shop lights came in rectangular and round shapes and these lights are great lighting options for lighting a small work area of the workbench. LED shop lights are the new LED version of fluorescent shop lights which are commonly used in garages and workshops (hence the name) where a simple but cost-effective fixture is needed to illuminate a small area such as a tabletop or workbench even display showcases. with the adoption LED technology, the performance of the LED shop lights exceeds that of fluorescent lamps and incandescent bulbs, making LED versions of a shop light a technical no-brainer. They provide longer lifetimes, lower electrical consumption and daylight balanced color temperatures. This has made them very appealing for workshop type lighting applications.

Key Features

  • Cost effective as our LED shop light fixtures can be purchased for less.
  • Simple to install and do not require complex wiring or electrical knowledge.
  • Shop light fixture’s height and position can be adjusted easily. Typical 4-ft fluorescent / LED tube light fixtures are ceiling mounted, making them difficult to install, and permanently fixed into place.
  • Can be positioned exactly where the light is needed, so less light is wasted on illuminating non-essential areas, contributing to further electrical cost savings. Wastes less light for greater savings.
  • Ideal for commercial areas to enhance appearance and color accuracy.


Power Factor>0.9
Beam Angle120°
IP RatingIP20
Lifetime>60000 Hours
Warranty5 Years
Model NumberCCTDimensionsWattLCPLumensEfficacy
EP-PCRSL-1865000K227 x 130mm18W18.06W2,139118 lm/W
EP-PCRSL-2465000K227 x 130mm24W24.32W3,165130 lm/W
EP-PCRSL-2444000K227 x 130mm24W24.32W3,165130 lm/W
EPS-RTSLLD-02364000K227 x 130mm35W34.41W3,565104 lm/W
EPS-RTSLLD-02505700K227 x 130mm35W34.41W3,565104 lm/W

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