• "Reflectors are very bright bulbs that promote safety in the house. Usually installed outside. Homeowner contacted us to help them with the power bill and at the same time secure the place with proper lighting. They were using halogen bulbs which were not as bright as LED PAR38 Bulb and they were not as energy efficient as these LED bulbs that we have installed. Cyanergy LED products are safe , mercury-free and won’t get hot for long periods of time that’s why they are best for outdoor use, so they could be used for security lights or spotlights as well. These lamps are energy efficient and has long life which means fewer lamp replacements. Thus big on savings and keep maintenance cost very low."
    WANTIRNA, VIC 3152

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The homeowner called Cyanergy for help with their outdoor lighting that was not so good and to give them solutions for their ever increasing power bills. We have recommended the installation of several PAR38 Bulbs outdoor so their place is safe and well lighted. Inside, LED Downlights were installed replacing their old halogen bulbs which are contributing much to the enormous energy bill. We have replaced all existing lamps to future proof installation.


Energy Savings 90%
Payback Period 12 Months
 Annual Lighting Energy Saving 14,792 kWh
First Year Return on Investment 100%
Greenhouse Gas Reduction 155 tonnes per annum
Total 10 Year Saving 147,920 kWh


Outdoor premises of the house must be well lighted for safety at night. This concern prompted the homeowner to call Cyanergy for help, aside of course from their ever increasing energy consumption. We offered solution specifically to their needs and made sure such solution will deliver  savings and safety to the customer.

The Project

To future proof installation, we replaced all existing halogen lamps inside and outside of the premises. We installed several LED PAR38 lamps outside and LED Downlights inside. these lamps are safe, high efficient and low maintenance.


Customer was so pleased with what we have accomplished. Lights are so bright and very economical that they delivered up to 90% savings with zero upfront cost after government scheme applied. That’s great energy savings and efficiency.

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