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Cyanergy LED panel lights are designed to replace conventional Fluorescent ceiling lights. They are one or best lighting options for indoor settings. The LED technology has been widely used for quite some time now, but panel lights that use the technology are fairly new to the market and are gaining ground due to the sleek look, and innovative features and design. They are constructed in such a way that allows better illumination conditions at greater energy efficiency. LED Panel light uses considerably less energy compared to other lighting devices such as incandescent bulbs and even compact Fluorescent lights (CFLs). The power consumption of a LED panel is estimated to be around 5 watts, which can produce lighting quality similar to light bulbs that consume at least twice the amount or power. They are known for its extremely long usability span low maintenance requirements. They are also less likely to burn out; in fact, their life span is calculated not by measuring the true number of hours that they continue to function, but by measuring the number of hours that they continue to function within the satisfactory luminescence range. The most evident reason why LED panels have dramatically grown in popularity is their energy efficiency and customizability, consuming up to 50% less energy and emitting more light than standard light fixtures. This would mean savings up to 90%.

Key Features

  • LED panel lights typically feature a lightweight aluminium frame. The frame is designed to prevent light leakage and to distribute light evenly across the surface.
  • LED panel lights are equipped with a heat sink system to ensure safety.
  • The LED guide plate is designed to offer bright and homogeneous lighting when connected to a power supply. The guide plate and diffuser work together to produce evenly distributed, wide and soft lighting.
  • LEd lighting uses considerably less energy compared to other lighting devices such as incandescent bulbs and even compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).
  • LED panel lights is highly customizable because of their thinness. The way that the LEDs are embedded into the panel itself, they can be shaped into almost any form desired.
  • LED panels are much more durable. On average, incandescent lighting and even more modern compact fluorescent lights will last for only a fraction of the time that a LED panel can. This lengthy total life makes them very cost-effective over.


Power Factor 0.97
CRI 82.3
CCT 5000K
IP Rating IP20
Lifetime 54000 Hours
Warranty 2 Years
Model Beam Angle Watt LCP (W) Lumen (lm) Efficacy (lm/W)
ULPL6060-24W 120° 24 23.02 2880 140
ULPL6060-27W 120° 27 25.73 3780 140
ULPL6060-30W 120° 30 28.48 4200 140
ULPL30120-18W 120° 18 18.20 2160 140
ULPL30120-20W 120° 20 19.40 2800 140
ULPL30120-24W 120° 24 23.14 2880 140
ULPL30120-27W 120° 27 25.11 3780 140
ULPL30120-30W 120° 30 28.64 4200 140
ULPL30120-48W 120° 48 45.12 6820 140

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