• LED MR16 Spotlight
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Cyanergy’s LED MR16 Spotlights are now the best replacement for halogen spotlights and bulbs. The lower wattage of the LED’s make it more energy efficient and environment-friendly yet generate the same amount of light. The 12W reflector will give you the equivalent light of an old 50W or higher wattage halogen spotlight. And lifespan is expectedly an average of approximately 30000 hours that means few replacement and low maintenance that’s more savings for your household and business. It is also worth nothing that they produce 15 times less of the heat energy compared to the halogen versions, that’s energy saved.

Key Features

  • 50 times more energy-efficient
  • Consume only a fraction of the power required by CFLs or incandescent spotlights
  • Highly durable and dependable
  • Made of mercury-free materials that are environmental friendly
  • Versatile, ubiquitous and provide a wide variety of applications
  • User-friendly in both usability and design
  • Comprise a specific light angle that allows to spread consistently
  • Generate no heat, which makes them very economical


Power Factor 0.99
CRI >80
Beam Angle 60°
IP Rating IP20
Lifetime 35000 Hours
Warranty 2 Years
MR16 Base CCT Dimmable Watt LCP Lumens Efficacy
PMR166WWHPFB 3000K No 6W 4.73W 499 lm 106 lm/W

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Related Project:

Looking inside the house, from the kitchen, bedroom hallway and living room, and it’s highly recommended that each part must be highlighted with clusters of spotlights nestled neatly in the ceiling. LED MR16 spotlights have enjoyed a monumental surge in popularity in recent years and with a good reason.

They are modern, low maintenance and versatile. This property is so neat and nice that it deserves LED MR16 spotlight’s versatility in colour and beam angle. And not only that, LED technology carries with it a whole slew of benefits, from reduced running and replacement costs to withered energy bills and taht rewarding feeling of great value for money with savings of up to 90%.


Cyanergy helps reduce carbon emission while saving more