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Cyanergy Low Bay or Canopy lighting is bright and clear that increases a great sense of safety and comfort as it provides ambient lighting to various locations, while also keeping a low operating cost. A switch to LED low bay lighting can save up to 90% energy compared to traditional solutions. This visually appealing lighting offers a sale and elegant ambiance to exterior locations, such as restaurants drive-through areas, petroleum and convenience stores, airports, public areas, and healthcare units. LED low pay lights are widely used in open spaces because they provide excellent technical qualities usually mounted on horizontal elements, typically overhanging public exterior spaces. Our LED low bay lights balance the technical benefits of an LED system with the functional necessities of an outdoor fixture. Offering long life and extreme weather resistance all year round, this effective lighting system will bring elegance and distinction to any canopy area of restaurants, gas stations or public spaces.

Key Features

  • Instant LED light, long lifetime for lower maintenance cost.
  • High quality elegent look yet heavy duty and reliable.
  • Water resistant and designed to withstand any atmospheric condition.
  • 100 watt LED Low Bay lights are equivalent replacements for 400 watt metal-halide (MH) fixtures but are designed to last three times longer.
  • A hassle-free five-year warranty fully protects against factory defects and malfuntions.
  • Very low weight makes it easy to install.


Power Factor 0.97
CRI 82.7
CCT 6000K
IP Rating IP65
Lifetime 54000 Hours
Warranty 5 Years
Model Beam Angle Watt LCP (W) Lumen (lm) Efficacy (lm/W)
XJ-GSL100W 90° 100 100.00 14000 140
XJ-GSL150W 90° 100 150.45 21000 140
XJ-GSL200W 90° 100 200.70 28000 140

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Related Project:

Bright and clear canopy lighting increases a sense of safety and the comfort that can make the difference between “let’s drive on to the next one” to “let’s stop here. Cyanergy’s complete lighting solutions transform BP Glenroy into branded landmarks and welcoming spaces, while increasing customers sense of safety and comfort, in turn, earn drivers loyalty and patronage. A switch to LED canopy lighting can save up to 90% energy compared to conventional solutions. Optimize savings even further by adding smart energy management systems that allow light levels optimization and maintenance planning. BP supplies fuel to around 1,400 service stations across Australia, with commercial property syndicate Glenroy property owning three sites in Victoria.

BP Glenroy installed 16 100W Canopy Lights replacing 400W Floodlights, 4 15W Downlights replacing 36W ones and 41 14W tubes replacing 36W lamps saving about 75.5% of their lighting bills and saving around $8,417 per annum with a payback period of just 6 months.

– BP Glenroy, Glenroy VIC 3046

Cyanergy helps reduce carbon emission while saving more