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Cyanergy’s LED A-Bulb are the perfect upgrade from traditional incandescent or CFL general lighting bulbs. These highly efficient bulbs are bright, instantaneous and crisp. We use only the latest generation of LED technology and performs at an incredible 140+ lumens per watt, the cutting edge of lighting efficiency. Available in traditional light bulb shapes, smaller candle, and round bulbs to suit the chandeliers.

Key Features

  • NSW HEER and VIC VEU approved
  • Broad beam angle without shadowing
  • Frosted diffuser
  • Traditional light bulb aesthetics
  • Long Life
  • Lightweight, thermally resistant polycarbonate body


Power Factor 0.91
CRI 82.4
Beam Angle 219°
IP Rating IP20
Lifetime 54000 Hours
Warranty 1 Year
Model Number CCT Dimmable Base Watt LCP Lumens Efficacy
ULBL-7W 3000K No E27 7W 6.98W 1018.62 lm 145.85 lm/W
ULBL-7W-B22d 3000K No B22 7W 6.98W 1018.62 lm 145.85 lm/W

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Related Project:

Big project as this is a very good accomplishment upon knowing how satisfied the customer is. He relied on our expertise to provide solution to his high energy consumption and trusted us to provide a solution that would deliver savings and enhance the over all aesthetic onf his beautiful house. Halogen lamps left some markings on the ceiling due to extreme heat and long use. They are looking for a solution that will keep maintenance cost low and less replacement of bulbs. Cyanergy’s full assessment helped us with a very detailed and customized solution to address all customer’s concerns.

This is one of the best and biggest residential projects we did for LED Lighting upgrade with more A-bulbs installed in the house. After the installation was completed, customer can easily see the improvements and was able to compare the brightness and beam pattern of the luminaires. Halogen lamps were not as bright and left some markings on the ceilings plus the fact that they hurt budget greatly. Total energy savings of 118,611kwh per year is a great deal and a very good decision of saving money and the environment with zero upfront cost.

Cyanergy helps reduce carbon emission while saving more