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We offer to our customers multiple options and various financing scenarios to help you choose the best outcome for your businesses.

Case Studies

Winning your trust is what we are here for, that’s why we keep doing what we do best. We are proud to work together with Clean Energy Council (CEC) and our installers are accredited with CEC too for commercial solar power installations. Professional installation is critically important to provide a system that deliver cost savings to your business. To ensure and maintain the highest standard of solar installations, we only use CEC approved products and ensure we strictly comply with the industry regulations as a CEC approved solar retailer. Our customers enjoy the best line of products available in the market today and our case studies speak for it.


It was not the usual residential pv system installation. It was a 15kw project for a home, obviously made possible because the customer got a three-phase meter and a large roof space. As experts, our BDM provided a tailor fit solution that definitely delivered right results. There is no such thing as cookie-cut approach or off the shelf advise. We assessed the property and the best offer was this 15kw system that definitely delivered up to 80% savings and Return on Investment within less than 48 months. Indeed, our system achieved great value to our customers. Talk to our experts on how save and make money at the same time.”


Cyanergy helps reduce carbon emission while saving more