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Product Manufacturing

Manufacturing and developing high-quality products, approved under government schemes, that have been proven to deliver energy savings while operating at the highest reliability standards.

Exceptional Warranty And Quality Products

Providing the best quality and design in LED lighting and Solar systems while achieving greater results for a fraction of the energy consumption and cost.

Custom Fit Product Design

Helping your business shine with our professional and personalized lighting designs that effectively slash overheads and increase net profit.

People And Diverse Culture

Dedicating our team to the commitment of empowering our residential and commercial customers with the information and support they need to make intelligent buying decisions.

Industry Experience

Positioning ourselves as an energy saving leader with a complete turnkey solution providing LED Lighting and Solar System installation to households and businesses in Australia.

Financial Assistance

Believing that financial aid is more of incentivizing business relationships, we find ways to finance LED Lighting upgrade and Solar system installation through a tailored financial solution with competitive interest rates.

Welcome To Cyanergy

We are Cyanergy Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s largest full service solar panel and LED light installer. Proudly, a 100% privately owned and operated Australian company, leading the way in customized energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. We design and develop our own market-leading, superior quality LED products range and use only the latest technology Solar system approved and tested from the world’s leading manufacturers.

With our industry leading knowledge and home run customer service, we’ll definitely make a difference. Our a complete turnkey solution providing LED Lighting and Solar System installation offer trustworthy and professional service, improving business performance and quality of life by providing optimal lighting and greater savings.

Speak to one of our experts today about upgrade on LED and Solar to suit your needs.

Cyanergy helps reduce carbon emission while saving more

We have been in the business of energy efficiency since 2009. In this time we have helped clients reduce their power bill, reach sustainability targets and contribute to lowering Australia’s Carbon Emissions.


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